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June 23, 2006

I blogged my future

Back in early March, I wrote about the big debit card breach that had taken place and the cover up by the credit card companies surrounding it.  Of course, by now we have learned that it seems OfficeMax was keeping PIN numbers from debit cards (among other information they should not have been keeping), and somehow that information was hacked.  Well in an ironic twist, I received a new ATM card from Wachovia today, stating that according to VISA it was very possible my debit card information was compromised.  Can you believe, it only took them 3 and half months to get me a new card.  I guess they just didn't think it that important.

Back when I wrote this, it never occurred to me that I use OfficeMax and I was writing about the compromise of my own debit card.  Now I have to go back over the last 3 months and really make sure there are no bogus charges there.  I am looking forward to reading about the fine OfficeMax had to pay for this incident.


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